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  • MetaFlow 1.2 Released for macOS Sierra

    Nov 26, 2016MetaFlow, a Mac App used throughout the world to visualize diverse resource flows, has just been updated for improved compatibility and performance on macOS Sierra. It continues to be available free for non-commercial use via the Graphical Memes website, or directly from the Mac App store.

  • MetaFlow 1.1 Released, Free for Non-Commercial Use

    Jan 22, 2015 — Graphical Memes Software Inc. has issued an update to its powerful flow network diagramming tool MetaFlow, now with hyperlinks, diagrams in the cloud, autosave, version browser, additional styling options, and support for multitouch gestures such as pinch zoom and smart zoom. Furthermore, the company is generously making this full-featured version available free for non-commercial use, through Apple's Mac App Store. “We are making MetaFlow freely available as a demonstration of our software expertise, and to support the environmental movement by providing a tool for understanding resource flows,” said Graphical Memes' Director Dr. Philip Mansfield. Anyone interested in taking advantage of that software expertise is invited to contact Graphical Memes at

  • Tracking Urban Metabolism at Ecocitizen Boot Camp

    May 5, 2014 — An Urban Metabolism Information System made by Graphical Memes was used in Ecocitizen Boot Camp courses held simultaneously in Egypt, Morocco and Colombia, as part of the Ecocitizen World Map Project. The software, including MetaFlow and resource modelling components, was used to survey and visualize urban metabolism data. The courses were held simultaneously at Cairo University in Cairo, Mundiapolis University in Casablanca, and at the World Urban Forum in Medellín. You can see the teams in action in this slide show.

    World Urban Forum 2014
  • MetaFlow Software Showcased at Ecocity World Summit

    Sept 25, 2013 — Graphical Memes' new MetaFlow software was demonstrated at the Ecocity World Summit in Nantes, France by Kirstin Miller, Executive Director of Ecocity Builders and by Dr. Jennie Moore, Director of Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship at British Columbia Institute of Technology's School of Construction and the Environment. MetaFlow was highlighted as a key tool in elucidating urban metabolism for the purpose of designing and building ecologically healthier cities and communities, as determined by the International Ecocity Framework and Standards.

  • MetaFlow 1.0 Released

    Aug 12, 2013 — Graphical Memes Software Inc. has created a new software application, MetaFlow, for its first meme, the Sankey diagram. Sankey diagrams are flowcharts in which the connector lines have thickness indicating quantities of flow. Urban Planners and building experts will be particularly interested in this development, since they can now generate interactive system-wide diagrams of energy, water, waste, transportation, money, carbon and other flows, using methods pioneered by Graphical Memes' co-founder Dr. Sebastian Moffatt. Unlike typical diagramming tools, MetaFlow does all its diagram layout and drawing automatically, with the help of sophisticated mathematical algorithms developed by Graphical Memes' co-founder Dr. Philip Mansfield. This allows planners to quickly compare and assess various solutions rather than get bogged down with the details of manually routing and positioning diagram elements.

  • Graphical Memes Founded

    June 26, 2013 — Graphical Memes Software Inc. is a new British Columbia corporation specializing in data visualization. Founded by Computer Graphics expert Dr. Philip Mansfield and Urban Planning expert Dr. Sebastian Moffatt, Graphical Memes creates software to enable a deep understanding of complex systems using innovative graphical techniques.